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Panaeolus Spore Syringe 5 Pack


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Panaeolus Spores 5 Pack

  • 1 Sandose Domesticate Spore Syringe (Cambodginiensis)
  • 1 Thailand Spore Syringe (Cambodginiensis)
  • 1 Australian Spore Syringe (Cyanescens)
  • 1 Jamaica Spore Syringe (Cyanescens)
  • 1 Red Spore Down Under Spore Syringe (Cyanescens)
  • 5 – 16 Gauge Sterile Needles
  • Microscopy Slide Kit

* Panaeolus Cyanescens and Cambodginiensis mushrooms are becoming legal to cultivate in many areas in the US but require proper licensing to do so. Cultivation still remains illegal on a federal level. Our Panaeolus spore syringes are offered for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only. Images are provided for informational and educational reference only.



Panaeolus Spore Syringe 5 Pack

Panaeolus spore syringe 5 pack – all of the members of this strain contain serotonin derivatives. The hallucinogenic members of this genus were classified as Copelandia. That has been deprecated and now all members are referred to as Panaeolus.

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Panaeolus Spore Syringe 5 Pack
Panaeolus Spore Syringe 5 Pack
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