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Panellus Stipticus (Bitter Oyster) Liquid Culture Syringe


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Panellus Stipticus liquid culture syringes are the perfect way to get started with mushroom cultivation. Spore Printers liquid culture syringes contain nutrients so you can start with mycelium instead of spores, decreasing cultivation times. Inoculate grain jars and bags easily with less chance of contamination.

  • One Luer Lock Syringe with 10cc of Panellus Stipticus Liquid Culture
  • One 16 gauge needle

Common Name: Bitter Oyster, Luminescent Panellus

Genus: Panellus

Species: Panellus Stipticus

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Panellus Stipticus Liquid Culture Syringe

What are liquid culture syringes?

Spore Printers Panellus stipticus liquid culture syringes limit the possibility of contamination during inoculation. Each culture syringe is filled with 10cc of nutrient solution inoculated with mushroom spores allowing mycelium to grow within the syringe. This is the easiest way for beginners to inoculate bags and jars because it’s easier to control contaminants. Liquid Culture syringes also improve growth times. 

How long do liquid culture syringes last?

Like any perishable item, the manner in which you store your specimen will determine the shelf life. We recommend that you keep your liquid culture syringes refrigerated unless otherwise stated in your storage instructions. You can store liquid culture syringes for up to 6 months refrigerated or up to 2 months unrefrigerated. If you need to store your specimens for longer periods, we recommend our Spore Prints.

Bitter Oyster Mushrooms

Bitter Oysters are a widely distributed bioluminescent mushroom species. They grow in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Strains from eastern North America produce the most light. Bitter Oyster mushrooms are non-toxic but they taste terrible.

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Panellus Stipticus Liquid Culture Syringe
Panellus Stipticus (Bitter Oyster) Liquid Culture Syringe
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